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 08/03 :: JR's

11/28/2006 :: Nancy now has a MySpace page: myspace.com/solacekid. Go on and friend us, man. This is old news, but there are now mp3s from "Comes Alive," an unreleased live disc we put together in 2005. Album art for all the CDs will be posted soon.
3/24/2003 :: mp3s fixed, new ones added, + video: The mp3s had been down for a while. Thanks to the visitor who pointed this out to me. I took the time to create all new mp3s of every song on both of our albums. So if you want a Nancy disc, burn it yourself. There's also a video, created by one of our friends. Enjoy.
7/27/2002 ::Sean found this great pic of the incomparable Johnny Zip wearing a suave Nancy t-shirt.
7/21/2002 :: Last chance for a slow dance: Our upcoming show on Saturday, August 3rd (at JR's Lightbulb Club) will be the last one for a while. As most of you know, James Katowich is headed to Monroe, LA, where he'll be living while teaching English classes at a college in Rustin, LA. Sean Chapman has accepted a teaching position in Pennsylvania. So, while it's highly likely that we'll get together and play shows when everyone is in town, they'll be few and far between (as they say in the biz, we're "on hiatus"). Two English teachers gainfully employed in their chosen profession is surely something to celebrate, so come tip one (or a half dozen) back with us on the 3rd.
A big shout out to the awsome kids at this summer's AGS (Hendrix College, Conway AR). You guys give me hope for the future of rock n' roll (and I mean that sans irony).
6/12/2002 :: No, really, than you: Big thanks to everyone who came to the Jose's Streetside show on Tuesday. It was great to see all of you. And a big additional thanks to those of you who bought an album (Does the use of the word "album" here rather than "disc" show my age?).
File under "album errata": In the mad rush to get Who's Your Boyfriend Now? ready for release at Tuesday's show, two lamentable things happened. First, the tray card (or "back cover" if you will) art wasn't properly layed out and had to be recreated from scratch. The song times on the recreation were based on the rough mix demo, not the production copy of the album. So they're each off by a few seconds either direction (some of them by more than a few). But fear not, Nancy people, the design department of NancyWorldDomination has now provided this corrected version of the tray card art (complete, of course, with the corrected song times and sticking more closely to the original vision).
Okay, maybe that was a little overblown, but grab a copy of the fixed traycard art anyway. It'll make me happier. It's in Adobe PDF format (which means your web browser will probably open it w/o any trouble) and about 415K. If you have a copy of Pagemaker 6.5 or better (mine is Windows, but it should work on MacOS too), you can download the original file and use that instead (1.74 mb).
:: posted by <James Martin>
6/5/2002 :: We're hard at work on the new album. We plan to release it on Tuesday, June 11 at our Jose's StreetSide show. Come hear us (for free) and grab a copy (for cheap) while you drink the best margaritas in town (I'm not kidding). We're your boyfriend now.
Chat about all things Nancy in our new discussion forum.
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5/18/2002 :: Nancy show tonight at Clunk. We'll be playing all the stuff that's going to be on the new album. We spent Thursday evening recording basic tracks for it. Twelve songs for your pleasure. We should have vocals and other overdubs finished in a few weeks. Stay tuned.
:: posted by <James Martin>
4/26/2002 :: Dear All, Come see Nancy play some new songs and some old favorites this week. We'll be at Grub's Saturday (April 27th) at Jose's Tuesday (April 30th starting around 7:00!!) and at JR's Friday (May 3rd). We'd love to watch you shake that ass again, or you could just sip your drinks and nod which would be fine too.
:: posted by <Sean Chapman>
4/16/2002 :: Thanks to Tulsa for a fun show. Please drop us a line if you have any questions for Nancy: sbchapm@uark.edu
:: posted by <Sean Chapman>
4/11/2002 :: Hey y'all. Nancy is playing tonight (April 11th) in Tulsa. We plan to rock Curly's We go on around 10:00. See you there. It's only THREE DOLLARS!!!!!!!
:: posted by <Sean Chapman>
2/24/2002 :: Thanks to everyone for making the show last night a great one. We (well, I) hope you liked the new songs. We're going into the studio soon to record them. I'll be revamping the mp3 section soon with some live tracks we recorded late last year. So, if you want any of the mp3s that are there now, grab them now.
:: posted by <James Martin>
2/22/2002 :: Jesus Christ! Thanks to Niel at Jose's for all the gigs. And, as a last minute addition, we'll see you all at JR's this weekend. We'll be opening up for Star Sutra who are opening up for The Action Is (who rock harder than most anyone).
:: posted by <James Martin>
2/4/2002 :: Here's a note from our biggest fan, Dave: We hope you like it:
Hey, underpants,
I'm sorry but I won't be in Fayetteville for Thanksgiving so I can't see you. It sucks but I have to leave early Friday for Little Rock and then a late night trip to Oxford, MS before our show in Jackson, MS the next day. I really wanted to visit with you...and rub lotion on your skin as we sat in the waning light of an early winter sun. To feel your two chest hairs intertwining with my two billion. To softly gasp, "no" in your ear. The faint smell of a Napa Valley white wine hanging on your lips... the stale, portly smell of Copenhagen and Pabst on mine...the scratch in my groin area....Oh, hell!
This isn't going to work at all. We are not at all alike and I'm not about to change a tour schedule for you let alone my lifestyle! You came home late when I cooked and I did the same to you. We are two seperate people with two seperate lives. You like to read. I like to make fun of people who read. It should have been a warning sign to us from the get-go but we threw ourselves, blindly I might add, into this a long time ago. You are too good of a person for me and I think it is better that we not see each other this Holiday season at all. I really hope this makes sense to you and doesn't hurt too much.
I really wish you the best and "let's keep in touch",
Dave Garrett

:: posted by <Sean Chapman>
12/15/2001 :: Quick shows update:: I'm not in a place where I can edit the shows listings, but I wanted everyone to know, if you didn't already, that the Grubs show, scheduled for tonight, is a no go. There was some scheduling confusion and Grandpa's Goodtime Fandango are playing there tonight. We will have a show there sometime in January (it's already booked). So enjoy your night out on the town not watching us play and maybe one or more of us will run into you at the clubs.
Check out Sean's online poetry workshop. I really like "The Poet on the Comedy Circuit."
:: posted by <James Martin>
12/7/2001 :: Hello all
Carol Sickman-Garner of Ann Arbor, MI answered the trivia contest question correctly by indentifying the quote from "A Charlie Brown Christmas." She even corrected me. Here's the real quote from Sally: "All I want is what's coming to me. All I want is my fair share"
I asked people what their first television memory was, and here are some answers:
I remember Roy Mitchell from KARK TV in Little Rock on the news at noontime when I was about 4. He had a giant head and kinda scared me.
--Arch Schaffer
Batman and Robin!!! Biff!! POW!!! Boom!! duh dah duh dah duh dah duh dah BATMAN!!!! (in black and white, of course)
--Betsy Finocchi

My first tv memory as a kiddo was of the Solid Gold dancers. It has been a life long dream to one day be a Solid Gold dancer. Hey, everyone has a goal.
--Misha Gardner
The first television I remember is in Hungary. In Hungary in the 70's, most television was not created to be entertaining, but to espouse socialist realism. Maybe that is not actually true, but the television show I remember watching was the news, and since the news was about the Middle East, my brother and I, crouched behind the couch, began to chant "Ayatollah Kohemeni", and we got in big trouble.
--Emoke Pulay
The first show I remember is "The Bugaloos" which was about these British kids in a bands who were actually bugs, and Martha Ray was the evil chick who kept trying to steal their voices. It came out around the time the Banana Splits, and sometimes I think I imagined it because no one else remembers it!!!
--Amy Cotham
My Uncle Richard used to put an old gutted out TV on his shoulders with his head poking through where the picture would normally be. He had a lot of really cool shows we used to love as kids. My favorite was "Your Fat-Ass Aunt Pam Is Driving Me F***ing Crazy" although "Your Old Uncle Richard Is A Little Hungover This Morning On Account I Got Drunk Last Night Because Your Fat-Ass Aunt Pam Is A Cold Hearted Bitch" (which came on every Sunday morning) was a close second.
--Wade Ogle
:: posted by <Sean Chapman>
11/14/2001 :: Thank you, once again
All of the Nancy would like to sincerely thank everyone connected with the Ozark Music Awards for voting us "Best Alternative Band" for 2001. We really do appreciate it, and we hope to live up to it.
:: posted by <James Martin>
11/13/2001 :: Everything old is new again...
We're using blogger now to update the news page, so I've included all the older news entries in this single post (for, like, sake of posterity and all that).
09/27/2001 :: Thanks + Bio + Pix
Thanks for helping us to raise money for the Red Cross by coming to the Dickson Theater benefit show. Thanks also to Skirt for comming up with the idea, to Dickson Theater for hosting it and for Skirt, Paper Hearts, and Tyco for playing it with us.
On the bio page, you can now find a copy of the new presskit. If you work for a paper or know someone who does, help a brother (er, sister) out and mention us.
On the pix page you can now find some images of us in various rock n' roll poses.
08/10/2001 :: Join our email list...
Don't be a punk: join our email list so we can keep you in the loop about Nancy gigs and other info for cool people like you (go on, do it now).
07/15/2001 :: We Forgot to Mention...
That the kids at Governer's School completely rocked and were and incredibly cool audience. And the show last night at JRs was also very solid. Thanks to everyone who came out to those shows and bought CDs.
07/15/2001 :: Still More Site News
We've added a brand spankin' new guestbook in the talk section. Please help us get it going by posting a comment or two.
07/15/2001 :: More Site News
We've added a link to the old guestbook in the talk section. There you'll also find the new and improved "favorite song" poll. The new emails are working, so you can send mail to practicially anything @nancyband.com (e.g. wheat@nancyband.com).
06/12/2001 :: Site News
We've redesigned the site. Let us know what you think about it. It's still not perfect, but we'll be working to get more things online this week. For you geeks out there, we're running PHP, MySQL, and Apache.
06/12/2001 :: Our CD
Our first CD, Solace Kid, (released 05/18/01) is available. If you'd like a copy ($10) contact us.
04/07/2001 :: Nancy says "thank you, Fayetteville!"
Nancy would like to thank everyone for voting us Best New Band and for nominating us for five NAMAs(Northwest Arkansas Music Awards). Thank you, thank you, thank you.
:: posted by <James Martin>